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Recueillir les discours de oungan est pertinent pour comprendre leurs savoirs et leurs pratiques pour en analyser le sens. Les perdre en les partageant pourrait remettre en cause son statut.

However, the catholic connection determined my public identity for most people, and it thereby fundamentally affected my research. So in our discussions about religious healing they adopted the formal catholic position and vehemently denounced the realm of the lwa.

JACOB Christian

Certains nous disaient fou, en exil et en pleine errance. Les lwa sont les esprits vodou.

JACOB Christian - Anthropologie et Histoire des Mondes Antiques ANHIMA

Vodou et production des savoirs : la place du terrain Keywords: Vonarx, Haitian voodoo, anthropological terrain, production of scientific knowledge. Parties annexes Notes [1] Les lwa sont les esprits vodou.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. This special issue will focus on knowledge and discourses and their particular effectiveness, so as not to limit the impact of the texts themselves.

Prof Laëtitia Atlani-Duault – Humanitarian Encyclopedia

Contributions to this special issue should address the intrinsic parameters of acceptance or rejection of travelling texts in the area of the humanities and social sciences. These intrinsic parameters include the contents of the texts such as themes, terminology, metaphors, concepts and theoretical assumptions.

Furthermore, the circulation of texts in space means that their theoretical or analytical claims are tested in places other than the one from which they emerged. This is a particularly important issue for the humanities and social sciences, because an aspiration to general, or even universal knowledge, has given way, across the field, to conscious reflexivity.

Histoire de l'anthropologie

It is therefore important to question the specific performativity of travelling texts, the binding nature of their exposition and argumentation, their rhetoric, and their need to maintain silence on certain topics and certain uncomfortable references. This issue aims to cover a wide range of cases, both geographically and historically, drawn, where possible, from different disciplines sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, political sciences, etc.

Articles may address a set of texts in circulation or concentrate on a single travelling text, but in all circumstances must aim to examine empirically the influence of factors intrinsic to the texts in their circulation.

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