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And thirdly, the mode of social critique, which would always be a critique of capitalism, would need to be sharpened.

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Even areas of Critical Education such as the historically significant peace education are not immune in the face of regressive and resentful forms of capitalist critique; in the presence of a new populism and new Third Position politics, they are in need of a materialist reflection on their critical concepts. With the concept of the Third Position, reference is made in both a historical and current context to the content-based intersections of conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic world views on the right and to some extent on the left of the political spectrum.

In the s, representatives of the Conservative Revolution endeavoured to forge a link between nationalism and socialism. Similar efforts are once again strongly in evidence in current right-wing populism cf. La gloria de Dios se muestra luminosa, vivificadora y fascinadora en el cuerpo de Cristo. Su presencia es su voz. Cristo es de nuestro mundo en la unidad indivisible de lo humano y de lo divino. It takes up again the story of Moses, ratified in one sense but relativized and surpassed in another.

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No one has ever seen God. He Who is His Word has told us of Him; He Who has been at His side for all eternity has revealed Himself to us in time; He Who confronts us with a friendship that is affiliation makes possible an amity greater than that known by Moses. This is why the disciples, and through them all believers, can achieve a self-understanding of friendship. Saint John brings the extremes together: Logos and the flesh, the one Who was at the side of the Father and the one Who dies in the world, the beloved Son and the older Brother murdered through the violence of the younger brothers, the one lifted up on the cross and the one lifted up in glory, the one Who passed through our world and the one Who was wounded by our offenses.

Crucifixion act of men , death act of Jesus and resurrection act of the Father all come together for Saint John in the concept of glorification.

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The glory of God is seen in the body of Christ as luminous, life-giving and fascinating. Christianity has its roots in the religious experience of the people of Israel. It is the heritage of their faith in one transcendent, holy, invisible and incomprehensible God. His presence is His voice. God can be heard by man but not seen. Christ is of our world in the indivisible unity of the human and the divine. Jesus is the given name of this Jew from Nazareth. Following the resurrection, His disciples would — one after another — begin to understand His specific relationship with God; and they reasoned that "Son" or "the Son" is the name that applies to Jesus and sets Him apart from all other children of God.

But they sensed that this Son was present and functional in the church through His word, action and spirit: and to explain that action, they gave him the name used by the Septuagint as a translation into Greek of the Old Testament name of Yahweh: Kyrios, Lord. Jesus indicates his specific individuality, Christ his origin and intrinsic relationship to the people of the first covenant with Israel; His Son makes explicit the unique relationship that unites Jesus with God. He is, therefore a figure both particular and universal, both external and internal, in whom both the mystery of God and the enigma of man are expressed.

Estas ropas muestran una gran riqueza ornamental simulando ricos bordados o incrustaciones en oro y piedras preciosas en las capas pluviales. Por lo que respecta al tocado femenino, reproduce un modelo que se repite constantemente a lo largo de las miniaturas que componen el Libro del Caballero Zifar. Latin , fol. Translation - English The clothing presents similarities across all individuals, loose and with long sleeves in the manner of the four priests.

These clothes show great ornamental richness, simulating rich embroidery or incrustations in gold and precious stones on the capes. Compared to these, the choir members located in the foreground are portrayed as less wealthy, wearing simpler garments, their heads covered with Jewish turbans or knit caps. In addressing the creases, they endeavor to achieve a natural representation of the fabric while occasionally taking certain license to create chiaroscuro effects in their compositions, even though the chromatic transition is expressed very gradually.

The movements of the individuals tend to be reduced to the minimum, and figures are represented with their hands contained within the outlines of their shapes rather than being thrust into the surrounding space. Is it possible that we have located evidence of that lost set?

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We can only raise this as a hypothesis pending the emergence of further data. Otra abertura de importantes dimensiones se produce en aquellas torres donde el primer cuerpo se constituye en el coro del templo. En estos casos, el paramento que comparten torre e iglesia se abre, formando un gran arco triunfal que comunica el espacio interior de la torre con el de la nave mayor del templo. Translation - English The openings in the lower section offer a greater variety of approaches.

Where the tower is attached to one of the sides of the church, its wall is completely enclosed while, in cases where towers form a colonnade at the foot of the temple, the wall forms a large molded arch. Another highly significant opening occurs in those towers where the first level contains the choir of the temple. The other levels feature wooden beams and joists to configure the different slabs as well as the hipped roof that caps the belfry level. Translation - English Given the complexity associated with rail traffic due to the interaction between rolling stock and infrastructure, as well as the requirements associated with the service, the simulations were conducted using a software tool specially designed to dynamically analyse these relations using a set of entry databases to achieve results regarding the most relevant technical and operational aspects.

From the simulation tool, two sets of results were obtained: first, the results of a set of film simulations associated with the scenario under analysis, and second, the results of the electrical study focused on the film data previously calculated. For the first set of results, and based on the databases created specifically for these simulations, including characterisations of the rolling stock as well as infrastructure, and allowing for analysis, evaluation and definition of the maximum circulation speeds, cants, stop times, journey times, etc.

The values yielded in this first set of results are utilised as entry parameters for the performance of the simulations that make up the electrical study. Un dibujo de arquitectura tiene mucho mayor sentido cuando se coordina con otros dibujos. Translation - English In this paper, we wish to describe our experiences in three different settings: teaching architectural drawing, teaching advanced architectural representation, and research in photogrammetry. In our experience, combining collaborative networks with videos and virtual models has yielded results beyond our initial expectations.

Social networks have allowed us to extend our reach to include other interested individuals — outsiders who have been encouraged by our projects. The development of models for supporting content or as a basis for ideas — in other words, going beyond shape, texture and color, has necessitated the search for more appropriate systems than those we employ today.

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Video production has made a much larger and more rapid dissemination possible than any other medium, with the exception of prestigious journals. This dynamic, which is called evolution, has always existed. Certain tools, created as improvements to the existing ones, in turn die out if they do not adapt. In other words, pen and ink drawing has not vanished; on the contrary, it is enjoying a renewed prominence now that it is only used by its most enthusiastic admirers.

In spite of allegations to the contrary, architectural graphic expression is an expanding — not shrinking — field. Canson DIN-A1 paper has not disappeared. Its ability to accommodate other languages is an added value. An architectural drawing is much richer in meaning when it is coordinated with other drawings. The floor plan is the darling of both the cross section and the elevation, and the cross section is the parent of the constructive details. This connection or documentary sequence is what builds the architectural project. In the case of video, the relation is established over time and reinforced by a sound track.

The first question that all of us must surely ask is this: if we only have time and resources for drawing, are we going to devote energy to a video?

De ellas en materia de aguas y en materia forestal. Como resultado de ellas se han realizado denuncias, en materia de aguas y en materia forestal. In the revised version of the Hydrological Plan, the project will not be included among the programmed measures and investments.

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The legal protection of the plan has been reinforced in the light of available court resources. Forty-six catchments have been shut down, raising the total capped wells since to when added to those already reported to the Committee. These closings correspond to the substitution of catchments and to implementations at the conclusion of legal proceedings.

The scheduled Extraction Plan was carried out and a considerable effort was made to adjust the planning details, with countless tasks performed to allow for the provision of legal protection and the setting of priorities for action. As a result of this along with an intense inspection effort, a total of inspections were carried out in and , with of these involving water resources and focused on forestry.

The culmination of all these actions represents another significant advance in completing the planned objectives. Regarding the ZZ Mine, in compliance with paragraph of the Operational Guidelines, the project prepared by the developer was submitted to the World Heritage Center for its evaluation. The evaluation process is specifically expected to incorporate the IUCN recommendations on environmental evaluations in the World Heritage locations along with a risk analysis. The Center and the Heritage Committee can provide their considerations.

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The ornithological values that inspired the inclusion of this space on the World Heritage List continue to be exceptional, averaging over a half million wintering aquatic birds and the maintenance of habitats for the reproduction of at least 7 endangered species. The situation in the National Park regarding species has not changed significantly since the last report and is distinguished by the continuation of efforts to prevent violations. Translation - English For the crimes of passive corruption: Fulano de Tal has no antecedents recorded in the proceeding.

The evidence collected in this same action indicate that he started dedicating himself to the systematic commitment of crimes in carrying out his responsibilities as Director at Company X for the purpose of his own illicit enrichment and that of third parties, which should be assessed negatively with respect to personality.