Guide Digital Transmission Engineering (IEEE Series on Digital & Mobile Communication)

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In Globecom Conference Proceedings , pages Google Scholar. Bell Communications Research.

Digital Transmission Engineering : John B. Anderson :

December Enabling technologies for wireless in-building network communications-four technical challenges, four solutions. CrossRef Google Scholar. Digital transmission performance on fading dispersive diversity channels. IEEE Trans.

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Adaptive equalization. Adaptive equalization for TDMA digital mobile radio. Ziegler and J. A comparison of least squares and gradient adaptive equalization for multipath fading in wideband digital mobile radio.

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In Globecom Conference Proceedings , pages 3. Tront, J. Cavers, and M. Performance of Kaiman decision-feedback equalization in HF radio modems. In ICC Proceedings , pages A decision-feedback equalizer with a time-reversal structure. Lo, D. Falconer, and A. Adaptive equalization and diversity combining for a mobile radio channel.

In Globecom Conference Proceedings , pages A. Wilson and J. I am happy that my book or program has made me a cell phone through which I can discuss these academic stuffs with a complete stranger like you. Besides, I am more happy that you seem to be full of academic curiosity. However, I am afraid that I am not so capable of giving you a good answer. You know there is no imaginary numbers involved in a BPSK system.

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As far as I know, every physical signal is not imaginary but real. I hope that my answer will be of a help to satisfy your academic curiosity. I would like you to email me your question more specifically. I could not understand what the problem is. Carrier frequency? Bit Time interval Tb? I think they are often given as design specifications.

Ofdm index modulation matlab code

Then other parameters including the carrier frequency will change correspondingly so that the simulation can be performed properly. You know that my primary objective to achieve through the programs I composed is just to show the working principle of each communication system and therefore, it may be far from designing communication systems. No problem! Your complimentary remark is more meaningful to me since I think it is marvelous and valuable that some people are studying hard in the battle fields like your country.

May Allah bless you and your people! I am very sorry because I put my comment on tags field. I'm from Iraq and just want to thank you so much for this file. Very nice material! Very helpful for digital communication coding. Thank you very much! Can I share the ppt? I can't find your name in the list of my customers. All my customers must know other means like email than indirect communication through tihis MATLAB file exchange site. Anyway, I do not present the Simulink model files to my readers unless they are instructors who adopted my book as the text for their teaching since almost all the Simulink block diagrams in my book contain the parameters to be set and they are supposed to be composed by the readers as homework assignments.

You know that most of my target buyers are students.

Adaptive Equalization for Digital Wireless Data Transmission

If you are a professional who bought my book, I would give you a Simulink model you choose. As I told several times above, the slides and programs are only the baits to fish the potential book buyers with. Thanks for being interested in my book. In fact I am unable to find any MDL files. Please help. As I told above, the slides and programs are only the baits to fish the potential book buyers with. However, in case you buy the book and send me the paper you mentioned above, I will take a glance at it to see what I can do. In any case, I do not guarantee I can help you.

Direct Transmission of Digital Message via Programmable Coding Metasurface

It is your job to modify the programs in the book in such a way they can accomodate your problems. Thanx Mr. Yang; i think that the book and matlab codes are very important for the communication engineering students; graduate and under graduate. You have only to replace the question marks by some numbers based on the corresponding equations given in problem 9. Your set of codes are great. I really highly appreciate your contribution to the community.

One more time,great thanks to you. It is strange. By the way, have you bought the book? If so, you must have got my email address. It seems that you have never rate this set of codes. The slides and programs are the baits to fish the potential book buyers with. Would you kindly share the chapter 6 of your book please. Many thanks for your kindness.

There's a whole bunch of stuff here, but the files are cryptic and very poorly commented. It's pretty useless without the textbook, which I hope explains things a bit. Have you finished any matlab code about turbo code with 2 transmit antenna and 2 receive antenna? It doesn't need the diversity,just replace turbo code on lconvolution code as usual. Sorry that 'bin2deci. Could you please check,the file bin2deci. It is used in file trellis. Im a student and my graduation project is imroving the detector depressing noise due to the characteristics of bispectrum, use the hosa toolbox.

So if you can, share me chapter 7.

Communication Theory & Systems: JOHN M. CIOFFI

I try this model with FSK modulation. Additionally, if you upload a fair review about my book, I will send you the slides for up to Chapter I confess that the slides are actually baits to fish the potential book buyers. Can you share for me that Book? Learn About Live Editor. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. Based on your location, we recommend that you select:. Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance.

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