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It must be done when the trial kicks off. Political leaders must govern, but they should also accompany the people in this process. A general strike is a form of protest and it could be the first step. But at some point the government must say what is to be done. But the political parties can come to an agreement about a shared strategy. I was surprised when the same people who staged this massive disobedience stayed at home on October 27 [when independence was declared].

Because their political leaders stopped them. At some point in the future, maybe in the wake of disobedience and a general strike, Madrid might agree to it, but I doubt it. It is like in China and Turkey: they cannot accept that a part of their country wants to be independent. Plus I think it is too late, now. We have moved beyond that.

Miquel Strubell - Language, Democracy and Devolution in Catalonia

Everyone has seen that. The people wanted to vote and democracy is about voting. A referendum can never be illegal. It is as if you were told that you cannot voice your views. A referendum is giving an opinion and that is the basis of any democracy. When I arrived in Germany, I was in shock, but also very proud because I felt part of the success.

Catalans had achieved something huge, an act of disobedience unprecedented in Europe, one that you could perhaps compare to what the Baltic republics did back in the day. Madrid used brute force and even tried to block internet access [in Catalonia], but the Catalan people stood their ground, unarmed and without violence. The Union has grown too fast and now we have all the eastern countries whose leadership is more autocratic, which jeopardises the very idea of Europe.

These are the great dangers as seen by Merkel and Macron. So when Catalans turn up with their demands for independence, Berlin and Paris are not amused. They have greater problems to address. That is wrong because Catalonia is a perfect example of democracy, of democratic will and participation, precisely the values that European politicians keep bringing up. The European governments must accept that a territory like Catalonia must freely decide about its identity.

By ignoring the matter, they are simply making it worse and eventually it will reach a point which the European leaders themselves do not wish to get to. When the president was apprehended I read all kinds of comments in German newspapers: some said it was not acceptable and he was no terrorist and that holding a referendum was no crime; but others argued that we must all live together and Spanish law must be respected and so he should be extradited.

That was on the first day. But as people followed the news about the judicial process and got all the facts, public opinion shifted progressively. The Catalans are a wealthy, selfish lot who want to leave. This is where you need to engage people and educate them. We need to explain that Catalans are not looking to be wealthier, but to defend their identity and be able to assert that they are Catalan. The Catalan government might say that Catalonia will agree to keep offering Spain financial aid for a number of years, following independence.

I would do it. An action plan detailing what Catalonia will do once it is independent must be submitted and we must innovate, do stuff that other countries have not done. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Published by Casanova, Barcelona About this Item: Casanova, Barcelona, Soft Cover. Condition: Very Good. Language: Catalan.

Pages crisp and clean, with no owners' marks; binding square and tight; soft cover has a small crease to the top right front corner and some light shelfwear at edges and spine ends, otherwise excellent. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Published by Contextos 3i4, About this Item: Contextos 3i4, Nom d'anterior possessor. Coberta il.

Entrega a domicilio. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Columna About this Item: Columna, Condition: Casi Bien. Cobertes una mica malmeses, estrip a part superior dreta. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Published by Columna, Barcelona About this Item: Columna, Barcelona, Condition: Bien.

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