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The cast and creative team are stuffed with Tony winners.

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The sets are jaw-droppingly outlandish; the striking costumes are richly evocative for the men, evocative for the women. The budget for Brazilian waxing alone must be staggering. Like the film, the musical adopts a chop-shop approach to its set list. But at least Luhrmann managed to convey a blend of irreverence and affection for his material — a telltale sign was his casting of the pop star Kylie Minogue, known for her own flamboyant spectacles, as the Green Fairy.

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There is no such love in the Broadway show. Not one song has to make the show.

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To stage excess well, you have to love it unconditionally. Queen and Steinman always sound big. Steinman, in particular, has the ability to combine melodic accessibility and saga-like length in his songs — he is the Wagner of the teenage wasteland, his songs bloated and addictive.

Loud and Clear, Inc.

Steinman and the director Jay Scheib understood that holding back was not an option. Idioms for loud out loud , aloud; audibly: I thought it, but I never said it out loud. Just whisper, don't speak out loud.

Loud, noisy describe a strongly audible sound or sounds. Loud means characterized by a full, powerful sound or sounds, which make a strong impression on the organs of hearing: a loud voice, laugh, report. Noisy refers to a series of sounds, and suggests clamor and discordance, or persistence in making loud sounds that are disturbing and annoying: a noisy crowd.

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  8. Examples from the Web for loud Officials also had received reports of loud bangs—called in by fishermen—and an oil slick. Trafalgar Benito Prez Galds. Red Fox Charles G.

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    He shares his vision for the next decade and what the changing consumer will expect. On this episode of Thinking Out Loud, Kartik discusses the opportunities, risks, and implications of AI, algorithms and machine learning on society, consumers and businesses. From binge-worthy breakout hits to digital shorts consumed in minutes; current, new and emerging players are pushing the envelope to create a successful model with cultural influence and impact. Episode 7: How technology is changing the way consumers engage Technology is dramatically changing the way consumers engage.

    Loud bang that shook London caused by supersonic fighter jets

    Chris shares his experienced perspectives on the importance of being transparent, staying aligned with corporate values, and assessing if a speedy response is the best option. Ovation has made an art out of creating an immersive brand experience. The network captures consumers with high-quality original programming and then feeds their desire for more by offering related documentaries and short-form ad-supported content on multiple platforms, such as OTT and TV Everywhere.

    Episode 2 and 3, pts. Following the viewers lead, Sarah is filling the slate with serialized shows boasting complicated stories with rich characters and twisty plots. All of this with a commitment to creating opportunities for new voices and new points-of-view.