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Have you found something several things? How did you discover it? How are you using it?

The path to daily happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction

Photo by mikebaird and JR Guillaumin. Hi Ken, Oh absolutely. That does mean you lose the occasional piece down the garbage disposal every once in a while, but better to live every day than die every day, I say.

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I have more things lined up that I am looking forward to, than anything else. No lack of passions and interests, thank goodness. Hi Julie! Lots of passion and lots of projects that excite you. I love the idea that you use your best silverware for everyday. Why not?!

Passion Requires Action

Everyday is worthy of the best, right? I love the philosophy behind the attitude. But do I love my life? Oh yes. Not because of any particular aspect. Galen Pearl recently posted … Entitled to Miracles. I can see the love you have for your life in your photo, Galen. So much sheer joy in your smile, in your eyes and in your countenance!

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Just love that photo. Having read your book twice! Ken, you are a big sweetie! I am in love with that photo of Galen. Those twinkling eyes, that pretty smile and I remember Galen writing about that smile, too. Talking of photos, Ken — I seriously thought you were a movie star the first time I saw it.

Vidya Sury recently posted … Bhagavad Gita. But me, a movie star? This is a very uplifting post.

Life Purpose: 10 Tips to Learn How to Find Your Passion | Jack Canfied

Thank you for publishing it. This is set me thinking more deeply about it. Thanks, Anne. Glad to have helped get the mental juices flowing.


Has blogging lost some of the passion it seemed to hold for you when you started? Whatever it is that gets you passionate again, I trust it will be something wonderful. You have so much to offer the world, whether in the area of personal development or something else altogether.

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  • Thank you, Ken. Enjoy the process, Anne—the rush and excitement of traveling through the dense jungles of the self!

    What a wonderful post, Ken. I believe in trying my hand at all the things I enjoy doing. No wonder I have a long list of hobbies and an ever growing list of things to try or do. My Mom used to say I am blessed with the ability to be successful at everything I attempted I suspect she simply motivated and encouraged me that way but I am glad I usually never let her belief down. What motivates me now is the realization that I only have one life I am not a cat, you know, Meeow and I should minimize regrets.

    I am glad I quit a corporate job where I raked in the cash to follow my passion — one that lets me work from home. Self-improvement is a great process and so rewarding. The best thing is, satisfaction with oneself and happiness do not always involve money. I always remember something my Mom would repeat.

    And then she would count her blessings, telling us how blessed she was to have us as her family. Thanks for being an inspiration! Vidya Sury recently posted … Dialogues From Within. You and I sound similar in some ways, Vidya. When I decide to pursue something, I get submerged in the thing, totally engrossed and thoroughly engaged. I also like and even often go seeking feedback, caring more about the best outcome than any sort of pride or ego in it as I learn and grow or at least not too much!

    I think my daughter picked up all the great-at-everything-she-tries genes. I do fine, but she masters things so quickly. Yep, Barrie is great. And I agree—money is very rarely required for life satisfaction and happiness. I think I heard a little bird say something about a book about your grandma coming? Did I get that right? And yes, my Mom will be an integral part of that book. I can tell, Vidya. You are a lucky person to have been so blessed by such powerful examples, deep wisdom, giving hearts and noble people.

    Well as Dr. Things I loved to do more than ten years ago no longer fit in with my life philosophy of today. So I know what you mean. And I like your attitude. Some people start worrying and stressing too much about lacking this or that in their lives at any given moment, as though every hiccup in life was a sign of some emotional cancer that needed immediate and drastic treatment.

    What 15 Great People Say About Passion

    But to allow life to unfold, waiting to see what unwraps with the unfolding, is a wonderful way to embrace the moment, even if looking for something to sink your teeth into while waiting. The weather is the weather no matter how much it rains or the sun shines. If we stop being upset that the snow has kept us inside for four months, then we can appreciate all of the time that we have had for sewing, spinning and writing instead.

    I became that person, too. One day, I had a moment of clarity, slammed my fist down on the table, and I told myself that I would never live this way again. If you find yourself in this situation, search yourself to find what it is you love to do. Some people may say that what they love to do won't bring them any financial gain, but I'm here to tell people that once you take the first step, people that you don't even know will come into your life and help you succeed.