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Cyprus offers business owners and shareholders these and many other benefits. In conjunction with ensuring Non Dom status for one or more of the business owners or shareholders, setting up a company in Cyprus is a great variation to relocating your tax residence to Cyprus. The Cyprus Company offers valuable, long-term benefits and those with Non Dom status have access to their dividends tax free. It must be shown that the existing Health Insurance covers both in- and out-patient treatment costs.

The OECD criteria to assess whether a company generates active income and therefore qualifies as an Active Company — and thus is not subject to the automatic information exchange - are as follows:. Important: only one of these criteria needs to be met, in order for a company to qualify as an "Active Company"! First Name:. Last Name:.

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Tax changes for non-domiciled individuals—Ben Grist, Dixon Wilson

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Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses. Eligibility relies on showing that either the non-dom, their father or grandfather in a sexist twist, their mother or grandmother being born overseas does not generally grant eligibility was born overseas. It also requires that the non-dom regards that country as their home, a fact they can demonstrate to HMRC through property holding, a burial plot or other means.

The non-dom is not required to spend any amount of time in the country they claim as their true home, or to be tax-resident or indeed pay any tax to that country. They are also entitled to spend as much of each tax year as they wish in the UK — there are no residency requirements. If an ultra-wealthy individual can convince tax authorities of their status, the advantages can be substantial.

UK citizens are required to declare and pay UK tax on all their worldwide income. Already a subscriber or registered access user? Subscription Notification.

Is This The Death Of The Non-Dom? Wealthy Eschew Britain's Elite Tax Status

It also means that some may inherit their non-dom status from their parents. For proof to the tax authority, they have to provide evidence about their background, lifestyle and future intentions, such as where they own property or intend to be buried. Key to non-dom tax status is that an individual must pay UK tax on UK earnings, but need not pay UK tax on foreign income or gains unless they bring that income back to the UK. The FT says it was originally introduced in and allowed people with foreign property to shelter it from wartime taxes.

It became a regular point of debate during and after the financial crisis when the legal tax affairs of wealthy residents was put under the spotlight. Policy guide: Where the parties stand.

Is This The Death Of The Non-Dom? Wealthy Eschew Britain's Elite Tax Status

People do not necessarily have to indicate their domicile status on their UK tax return. The UK tax authority believes there was a general trend of rising numbers to when charges came in, but a fall since.

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Non-doms have included some super-wealthy household names, but also include some foreign doctors and nurses working for the NHS, as well as some students. Some other countries have similar regimes, but the seven-year period of grace is unusual internationally.