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So while the plot tension lacked a bit, the rest was enjoyable. I did miss the quasi-sisterly-development between Grace and Kathleen. I would have liked to see it. My thoughts zap around the world so fast I sometimes feel like another person. View all posts by Eugine. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Another Bantam cover — and not one of its best Title: Brazen Virtue Author: Nora Roberts Publication year: Publisher: Bantam Books Grace McCabe is an award-winning mystery author, and she decides to move in with her newly divorced sister Kathleen for a while, in an attempt to help her sister through her grief and to build a sisterly bond between them.

I wanted what Indy wanted, for them to just have each other. At least Margie's choices in the first book were made in the heat of the moment with adolescent hormones as an excuse. For not being a fan of feelings, she sure let herself be emotionally blackmailed and manipulated by her father. I finally realized why it all bothered me so much: it never really felt like Indy was the priority in anyone's life, and for a man who sacrificed so much, it didn't always seem fair to me.

Indy lost someone he loved, and then he lost someone else he loved, and when he found one of them, he found a piece of the other as well.

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It felt like he left bits and pieces of himself everywhere along the way, and that no one ever took the time to put him back together. Because when it came down to it, he lost as much as- if not more- than Margie did. Secrets had a life of their own.

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When called, they grew and swelled, pushing the limits of their shell. This book did a great job with telling a story, and all the twists knocked me on my ass. The resolution was great, even if it was too little too late for my tastes. I read Submission only before this, and it ended up being a fantastic reading order.

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  4. My complaints are all personal preference, though. Truthfully, a lot of the reason I liked book 1 better was because, I mean, it was the 80s. The story was still beautiful and well-written, and the characters imperfect and unbreakable. I recommend this duet to anyone that wants to read about a love that eventually conquers all.

    Nov 18, Amy rated it it was amazing. It's been almost two years since that book was published, and in that time, I have worried for Margie. I have worried mightily. CD Reiss puts you squarely back in the Drazen world, bringing all of the family together to help Jonathan. Of course, you cannot have eight siblings together - plus their parents - and not have all manner of emotional trauma and angst ensue. But when it's the Drazens, you turn that trauma and angst up to twelve. That's the only one I read.

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    All it will do is stoke a flame that drives you to go purchase the Submission series. You will want to fill in those gaps, but even more importantly, you will want to spend more time with the Drazens, particularly Jonathan. She is tenacious, determined, forceful, and loyal. She loves deeply and completely, even when she's been hurt.

    She rejects her own happiness if it means Jonathan will be happier because of it. And yet hers is a life of loneliness, regardless of how many siblings she has. That loneliness is her choice, mind you. She has neither wanted nor needed to fill the void left by Indiana Andrew McCaffrey sixteen years ago. It's almost as if she believes that she is only entitled to one love more than believing that no one else could take his place. I won't say more about the plot of this book because you need to savor it.

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    You need to wrap yourself in CD Reiss's storytelling and revel in the way she draws Margie, the way she develops this complicated, conflicted woman. Margie wants to feel love, even as she has tried to close herself off from it: "My heart was encased in a steel fist. It pounded against the crushing pressure, expanding as the first tightened, pushing against my lungs. Your feelings deserve to be free, and so do you. There is hope for Margie.

    There is possibility. This is her time, and, thanks to CD Reiss, she gets it. Nov 24, Lg rated it it was amazing. Margie Drazen finally gets her due and it was well worth the wait. Some secrets are sacred enough to keep hidden forever. Margie knows this better than anyone.

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    As the glue that holds the Drazen family together, she is one who has sacrificed all along the way. Margie is steadfast and true but her heart can only take so much. When love comes around not once, not twice but three times she finally decides to take a long look at her life and recognizes that at last it is her turn to love a Margie Drazen finally gets her due and it was well worth the wait. When love comes around not once, not twice but three times she finally decides to take a long look at her life and recognizes that at last it is her turn to love and be loved.

    This love does not come easily. Margie makes tough choices for what she believes is for the greater good of the entire Drazen Clan. As a fan of the Drazen world there are twists and turns regarding Declan and Johnathan that made me audibly gasp. Truths are revealed and betrayals uncovered. Christine Reiss is a brilliant story teller, these characters are my heart and under my skin.

    Margie is the soul of this family and her essence of being a strong, powerful woman resonates throughout. Nov 23, Shyralf rated it liked it Shelves: lawyer-attorney-counselor , tattoo-and-piercings.

    Nov 20, Torie rated it it was amazing. Margie is by far my favorite fictional female. Reason 1.