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The setting is lovely and the water has helped the area to grow some lovely flora. The railroad ran across the falls in the early of 19th century, a great experience for passengers. Suddenly, the falls were dry; they did not appear again until when the creek returned to its original route. The walk to reach the falls is fairly simple; park your car at the Latchstring Restaurant and go ahead.

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Bridal Veil is a common name for waterfalls right across the USA; it is down to the shape the water creates. The one in Spearfish Canyon is a beauty, featuring water falling 60 feet from a ledge, with an especially strong flow in the spring after the snow has melted. If you decide to visit in the winter, you are likely to see an ice climber making his way up the frozen water.

Roughlock Falls is just off the main canyon and comprise two cascades pouring off ledges to create a lovely sight. Hikers are in for a treat and visitor facilities include parking, restrooms and an area given over for picnicking. All are well-maintained and you can select from a number of viewpoints to get yourself a good photograph.

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He lived locally, so must have known the spot, but in recent years, it has caused much debate — where are they? The conclusion is that the photograph is of Community Cave, which is a frozen column of ice every winter. There are two hiking choices to reach Hippie Hole in the Black Hills; one is just an easy walk from a nearby parking lot to the top of the falls and the other a real challenge.

You will need plenty of water on a hot day if you accept the challenge; you will be walking downhill and must avoid the poison ivy. Jumping from the falls to the pool below is a popular activity but you should not do that without some thought. An additional attraction for those enjoying its fresh air is the Grizzly Bear Falls near Keystone.

These falls are part of a disused former mine — a manmade cave, if you like — just 10 miles from Rapid City, known as the gateway to Mount Rushmore. You can go into the mine and see where the water drops within before going out into the sunlight. There is an admission charge and some question whether it is currently open, so if you are planning a trip there, check before you travel. Past Stories. Read from our archived collection of Sioux Falls Marathon stories from runners across time and the globe. Candace started her running adventures in , participating in the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon.

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After walking the event in , she set a goal to run it in and spent the entire winter training for the event. Having caught the running bug, Candace participated in at least one race over the next four years before becoming dedicated to the sport in Candace set a goal to run 50 half marathons by the time she turns 50 years old and is well on her way to reaching that goal. As a member of Team BEEF, Candace is part of a group who believes in the vital role of high-quality protein that beef plays in training to run.

To become a member of Team BEEF, you are required to eat beef and believe the nutritional benefits it provides, participate in educational webinars and participate in at least two races wearing a Team BEEF jersey. Runners or cyclists are also encouraged to be a positive role model for lean beef, actively spread the word about lean beef through social media and share your experiences. Candace grew up on a ranch in Nisland, South Dakota with a custom feed lot, raising beef cattle.

What could be better? Candace will run the Sioux Falls Half Marathon for the third time this year. She is looking forward to the beautiful views and says that her favorite stretch of the race is running the historical district. The program creates incentives for their most active, loyal and passionate Team BEEF South Dakota members for going above and beyond the team requirements by sharing their passion and striving to learn more about beef.

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Running for me started the summer of Finally I found the willpower to turn things around. While on vacation I passed a shop that sold running gear and half an hour later I came out with new shoes, a watch and a strong wish to get started. A year later a friend suggested we register for a half marathon. It was a big deal and standing at the start I loved being part of it but also scared of what I had in front of me. We entered the same race the next two years and slowly a dream of running a marathon had started to emerge. In September I called a great friend and asked if he was up for a challenge.

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We entered the Stockholm marathon picture together and I had one of my greatest experiences ever. We got through it. We survived! I was hooked. When I saw that there was a marathon in Sioux Falls I had one more good reason for going back. I graduated from Augustana in and had the best of times.

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  • Old and new Sioux Falls friends are welcoming me back for a short September break. Why not run the marathon while I am there? Why I run? Because I can and it makes me happy.

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    I do it for fun and I enjoy the restless feeling I get when days pass without running. As far as I know I am the only Norwegian who has registered. I will be way back in the field wearing a big smile and hoping for high-fives and lots of cheers. See you all soon! I started running in middle school and high school and competed in track and cross country through college.

    While finishing college I moved into longer distances half marathons and marathons to help fill the competitive void. We have some great races in Western South Dakota but not many flat fast courses so coming back to run Sioux Falls is an attempt at a flatter and faster course than I've raced on much in the past few years. Not to mention the route goes only about a block from my childhood home around mile 13 and follows many miles of bike trial that I grew up training on! I have always enjoyed sports and athletic activities, but I was never a fan of running longer distances. Longer distances used to seem like torture to me!

    In , I was 22 years old and heading into my first year of graduate school for my clinical doctorate. My father passed away at a time in my life where I was going through so many transitions and needed an outlet. I started running shortly after my father passed away, as a way to clear my mind and reflect. I used running as my therapy and as my time to grieve. Running helped me feel like myself in a time when everything around me was changing. Soon, I started setting goals for myself and began entering 5k races. I started to enjoy running with a crowd of people and loved having another purpose to run.

    In , I ran my first half marathon and 3 more after that. Here I am, 4 years and 2 daughters later, and I am excited to be running again. I am registered for the Sioux Falls Half Marathon and it will be my 5th half marathon, which I think is a huge accomplishment for someone who used to hate running more than meters!

    He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He had 13 orthopedic and muscle surgeries from ages 5 through 14 to get him to where he is today. Not once during 9 years of surgery recovery and rehab did he ever complain or quit.

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    • During a really difficult surgery at the age of 5, I told him I was proud of him and so happy he pushes so hard during recovery. He said, in his tiny little voice, "Of course, Mama. I have to. No one else can do this for me. I run for him. I am running the half marathon this yea and ran the 5k last year. Amazingly, he has challenged himself to run the Sioux Falls 5K this year.

      I love running.