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Treasure Hernandez. Treasure Hernandez returns with Magic Touch! Simone "Simmy" James never had it easy.

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When her father's drug operation, one of the biggest on the East Coast, was dismantled, Simone lost both of her parents to the system--her father to a life sentence, and her mother to a year sentence. Gone were the days of luxury cars, high-end clothes, and jewelry that Simmy had grown accustomed to. Forced to live in overcrowded conditions in her grandmother's house, Simmy has to learn how to make money any way she can, and her cousin Jayla is happy to show her the art of high-end boosting.

Things run smoothly for a while, until Jayla is arrested. In Jayla's absence, Simmy is forced to go out on her own. Simmy is such an amateur that she gets knocked right away. Before she can contact anyone to come get her, she learns that her bail has been miraculously paid by a stranger named Alexander Stephenson. Alex has several lucrative businesses--high-level boosting, counterfeit checks, credit card scamming, identity theft, and drug trafficking.

Simmy feels like she has no choice but to join Alex's team, but she soon learns that fast money is a huge magnet for drama in the form of jealousy, betrayal, and violence. Carl Weber's Kingpins: Jamaica. Book Growing up in poverty, he was exposed to robbery and murder at a tender age.

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In order to stay alive, he quickly adapted to a life of crime. Now he is one of the coldest killers and richest kingpins to ever walk the streets of Kingston.

Whoever comes into contact with him and his crew either loves them, fears them, or wants to see them dead. The entrance of Catherine into his life just might change everything.

The Diamond District by 50 Cent

Catherine, a young and determined federal agent, is rapidly climbing the chain of command. Soon she forgets one of the most important law enforcement lessons: Trust no one. Camille is a young Jamaican beauty who is hot on the dancehall scene. With a banging body and a good mouthpiece, she has no problem getting whatever she wants, including Gaza.

She is not about to let Catherine come in and take over her spot. Betrayal and backstabbing is at a high level, and Gaza is determined to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in his way. No one is safe, not even the people closest to him. Will this young thug risk it all to maintain his power, or will he be blinded by love for the woman who was hired to bring him down? Gutter: A Novel. Similar ebooks. I wrote this book to explain the world I come from.

the NYC Diamond Dealer

To a lot of people, I may be too young to reflect on life. And they may be right.

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But I'd be wasting my blessings if I didn't use the attention I'm getting to shed light on the experiences that have caused me to say the things I say and make the kind of music I make. I want to explain my environment to those who don't come any closer to it than the records they buy or the images they see on television.

People want the truth. Even if they can't handle it, they want it. I let you know that I survived nine bullets not to sell records, but because it's the truth. Every time I sit down for an interview, I'm asked, "Well, 50, how did it feel to get shot nine times? It just can't. This is my mindset and these are the things that go on. This is why I say the rhymes that I say. This is what happened when I was trying to get rich before I died in Southside Queens. So begins From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens, a violent and introspective memoir that reveals not only 50's story but the story of a generation of youth faced with hard choices and very little options.

A tale of sacrifice, transformation and redemption, but it is also one of hope, determination and the power of self. Told in 50's own unique voice, the narrative drips with the raw insight, street wisdom, and his struggle to survive at all costs His record-breaking debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin' has sold over 12 million units worldwide, with the largest debut in SoundScan history. While his sophomore effort, The Massacre, sold over 1.

His future plans are to dominate the film and television worlds through two new G-Unit ventures in film and television The Demise of Alexis Vancamp. Karen Williams. Bestselling urban author Karen Williams returns with another explosive tale of obsessive love gone horribly wrong. Twenty-four-year-old Alexis Vancamp has the world at her feet.

Just when she thinks her life is set, in walks sexy, thugged-out Santana. He's a dangerous man with a dark secret, a rough past, and a plan to get Alexis under his thumb. Despite the warnings from the people around her, Alexis finds herself drawn to this man. To have him means to lose everything, but none of this bothers Alexis as long as she has him in her world. Santana soon leads Alexis down a destructive path. He turns her away from her family and friends.

Alexis's sheltered life dissipates as she finds herself wrapped up in deceit, violence, lies, and trouble with the law. Despite losing almost everything, Alexis still refuses to let Santana go. When his mind-blowing secret is revealed, will she step away before it's too late? Heaven's Fury.

Meta Smith. Meta Smith's sexy, gritty Heaven's Fury dares to tell the truth about The Life--the lovers, the haters, the guns, the money, for real. Heaven Diaz was raised by her abuela to be a good Catholic girl.

But nothing—and no one—will mess with her life, or there will be hell to pay With a fantastic career, a luxurious home, and a successful and adoring husband, Heaven has a lot to be thankful for. About this product Product Information D. Hendrix is a charismatic and intelligent college grad ready to tackle the realities of adulthood. He returns home to enjoy one last summer in familiar surroundings before beginning his grind in the real world. However, things seldom go according to plan.

After linking up with his childhood friends, his world takes an interesting turn and spins out of control as he finds himself at the center of a menacing money-making scheme. Though he has access to more cash than he'd ever imagined, things begin to worsen as growing troubles hit very close to home. He does his best to untangle the web of turmoil that he thrusts both his family and friends into but realizes he is longer in control.

However, sacrificing your own life for ather is a decision that few are prepared to make. The fact is that someone in The League has to go down. It's up to D. Additional Product Features Author s. His debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin', sold more than 12 million units worldwide, is certified eight times platinum, and was the basis for the semi-autobiographical film of the same title, in which he starred. He is the first artist to have four songs in the top ten of Billboard's Hot since the Beatles in , and in he released his fifth studio album.

Under the G-Unit brand, his business empire includes a record label, apparel and footwear ventures, vitamin water, and more. He also created the nonprofit organization The G-Unity Foundation, which aims to better the life of urban youth. Learn more at 50cent. Show more Show less. People who bought this also bought. Non-Fiction Books. Fiction Books. Elliot Paperback, Ratings and reviews Write a review.

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