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It would explode when compacted into shapes. Elias began firing those shapes into the void up above. They would burst and fill the void with shimmering colors. What if there is something out there? What if he angers whatever it is?

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The top of the central tower and the crystal were destroyed. There near the top was a jagged line between the original stone and the replacement stone. They said he was making too many changes. They said he made them too quickly. They said he was out of control. He was insane and Eleanor was the true power behind the throne.

Poets, scientists, scholars, inventors, historians and politicians struggled with Elias, and they pulled at the boy. The boy tried to warn his father, but Elias was too busy to notice, or listen to him, and then it was too late. The innkeeper stopped at one of the last turns in the downward pathway. He was out of breath, and the wine was taking a deeper hold on him. And rather than trying to solve our problems by helping young Oracle, we began to fight amongst ourselves for control.

We singled individuals out. We suspected whole groups. It blinds you. We had taken away our ability to see clearly. Some were aware, their eyes were open. They tried to fight back. Some tried to take advantage of the situation for their own gain. A board of advisors put itself in place to help the boy. They tormented him. They pushed and pulled him to their own desires.

Ulysses motioned to Mathias that it was time to start moving again. The innkeeper stumbled a bit but Mathias held him up. Then the child decided for us. Then he released the Fetcher. The children of his advisors were among the first taken. Then he came for the children of those who openly spoke of being better than others. Then he came for all the rest. They were convinced that the situation was only temporary. The Fetcher took those children quickly. Some were hidden by parents who realized the danger.


The Fetcher came and tore those children from their hiding places. The two men stepped off the pathway and onto the beach. The surf rolled in with a steady rhythm.

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The ruins in the water would have to be traversed in combination to make it across to the rock tower. You walk. You jump. You swim. The climb is risky, but relatively easy.

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Ulysses squatted down, then dropped with a thump on his rump onto the black sand. Mathias walked over to his fallen comrade and plopped down next to him. It was a bonding agent. I did too, very much.

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  • Ulysses put two fingers up to the bridge of his nose and squeezed hard. He was forcing back his tears with a vice like grip. He was shaking. He was so scared. I tried talking to him, but he stayed silent. He turned back around and looked at me. The child then fainted. I tried to aid the boy by bending to pick him up, but there was something else in the room that stopped me. It was the Fetcher, but in his first form.

    He looked just like Oracle. The boy blinked and opened his eyes.

    The Oracle Fetcher helped him up and the two walked out of the room hand in hand. As they went, the two turned and stared back at me. Their stares were equally chilling. A child. He had spoken in truths of the place he called home, truths that had not been spoken of in a very long time, and now he was done. This dark fantasy adventure full of mysteries, riddles, and secrets is the story of Mathias Bootmaker, a young man searching for the better parts of himself.

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    A maze inside a labyrinth. It reads like an adventure.

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    It plays like a thriller. Fields Jr. Edward Medina is an Amazon KDP bestselling author of high fantasy, dark horror, and epic adventure books, short stories, and poems. To date his combined works have earned over one hundred and fifty Amazon and Goodreads five star reviews from readers, reviewers, bloggers, teachers and fellow authors. He is a native New Yorker who over time has built a significant and multifaceted career.

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    He has been a producer, director, and writer for both digital media and the New York Off and Off — Off Broadway stages. He also had the honor and the privilege to work for the late great Jim Henson creator of the Muppets. He also established a multimedia company in order to assist nonprofits achieve their own cause related goals. He went on to become a theme park designer. For fun he became a steam train engineer and has been since childhood a sometime magician. He also maintains his love of theatrical production by continuing to create new works for both stage and screen.