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All About Leveling. Kids Login. Curtis is confused because he thinks Thanksgiving is in November. As they prepare and eat Go to book. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving with various traditions.

On Thanksgiving shows how one family celebrates this annual fall holiday. Colorful illustrations accompany simple text and support If you've ever looked forward to a big holiday event and had it canceled due to weather, you'll relate to this realistic fiction book. At the start of the story, Maria reminisces about past Carlos and his family are looking forward to their first Thanksgiving dinner in America. What smells remind you of Thanksgiving? In the book Smells Like Thanksgiving , students will read about a young girl and the foods she smells as her family prepares Thanksgiving dinner.

Zara Li is having the worst Thanksgiving ever! She has to leave her dog, Tucker, at the kennel; her family's flight is delayed; and, to top it off, her little sister is annoying her.

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and so much snow has fallen that the Hoppers can sled to school. But the blizzard continues during the day. The Hoppers are sent home at noon, only to find Shared Reading , Informational nonfiction , words, Lexile L. When the Pilgrims landed on the coast of what is now Massachusetts, they arrived in the land of the Wampanoag people. In time, the Pilgrims met the Wampanoag leader, Massasoit.

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They also met These books use the same words but different pictures to illustrate Thanksgiving What's Thanksgiving without turkey? Spare the Turkey is a realistic fiction book in which Darryl and his mother join friends for a Thanksgiving meal. He is very skeptical because the family Because this is , we want to avoid revisionist history. These are Thanksgiving books for counting, books for thankfulness, books for cooking and family, books for parades, but also books for the history of Native Americans, for immigrant experiences, books for expanding our cultural understanding.

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The super silly turkeys in this counting book are doing lots of un-turkey-like things, dancing and being chased by bees! The colorful fabric tabs will be fun for baby to experience.

This colorful book is the perfect size for baby to hold and flip through on his or her own. Celebrating food, family, and the holiday season, this book introduces new vocabulary and colorful pictures. This book teaches children to notice the details in their lives and to be thankful for the everyday blessings they encounter.

Turkey Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The rhyming is perfect when read aloud to your little turkey. With interactive finger puppets, you and your baby can join Turkey and his friends in giving thanks. Silly Turkey Syndrome must be a thing! In this book about 10 fat and silly turkeys, children learn to count backwards from ten as these turkeys get into some very silly antics. Well, head to dinner, of course! A great addition to your year-round library.

To the swing set in the yard.

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If they can make it past myriad obstacles, they just might find freedom from Thanksgiving. The message is still given at ceremonial gatherings of the Iroquois, or Six Nations. This book presents the origin story of Thanksgiving as we know it from the Native American viewpoint. When the Mayflower landed in America, they did so in the home of the Pokanoket, and Squanto was the one to greet them.

This is his story.

She is horrified—what will her teacher or her classmates think? But she enjoys her holiday, and the duck, and when she gets to school on Monday and leftovers are brought out on the lunch table, Tuyet gets a surprise: other families had roast beef and lamb and enchiladas for Thanksgiving. In this hilarious story, Turkey works on finding the perfect disguise to save him from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. But his aunt and his parrot take him on a journey to foreign places where people eat rice and beans, and Giovanni is able to learn the value of his heritage.

Once again, not a Thanksgiving book, but as this story is one of a little girl learning to cook, it seems appropriate. Cora gets to help in the kitchen, but she usually has to do the little kid jobs.

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But when her older brother and sisters head out, Cora takes their place in the kitchen. She and her mother cook pancit, and Cora does the grown-up jobs: shredding chicken, soaking noodles, stirring the pot. Or, according to his brother, Runt, a goner. They are turkeys, after all, and when people with roasting pans show up to pick the juiciest turkeys, one by one, no one will listen what Runt has to say.